Up to date, CREPD has a special focus on the promotion of:

  1. Sound chemicals management with particular emphasis on heavy metals (Pb, Hg, and Cd) and others persistent pollutant substances of global concern
  2. Sound management of hazardous wastes including hospital wastes (hospital waste)
  3. Promoting primary and secondary prevention measures and BAT/BET to control and minimize production and release of unintentional toxic chemicals (dioxins and furans, mercury, etc) by human activities
  4. Promoting sound agricultural practices that minimize the use of chemicals inputs (fertilizers and pesticides) through the dissemination of RTE (Remineralize The Earth) technology and know-how
  5. Support to science-base information and date generation at country level in collaboration with Universities and engineering Schools

Partners /Donors to the programme

UNEP/Chemicals (UNEP GWMP, UNEP Hg Partnership) and Member of the Lead and Cadmium Working Group of UNEP/Chemicals; SAICM (CREPD is NGO national Focal point); Cameroon Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) (hospital waste management); Working with the Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development; IPEN Participating Organization active in many specialized working Groups; Occupational Knowledge International (OK International); Remineralize The Earth (RTE); ZeroMercury Working Group; Consumers For Dental Choice; SSNC ;Many Universities (national and abroad) and Grassroots farmer organizations.